"Tent" Original Astro Photo by Ben Canales

"Tent" Original Astro Photo by Ben Canales

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This gorgeous photo is of a glowing tent in snowy forest, Mt Hood in distance blows plume of snow. Winter stars shine above everything. A frozen stream bed flows below the ridge.

View more of his works at TheStarTrail.com.

About the print:

This very special print is a 'metal print" where the image is printed directly onto metal. This means that there is no frame to detract from the photo. Finish: glossy Dimensions: 16x20"

Ben Canales is a lover of a clear night sky free of light pollution. He's traveled all over the world capturing this sky that he holds so dear. Modestly, on his website, he describes himself as: "Ben Canales, I take pictures at night." However, his art will take you to dark places brightened only by the heavens. He is skilled in timelapse and still photography. Learn about him at his AWB's AstroArtist profile.