Personalized Signed "Star Trails" by David Levy

Personalized Signed "Star Trails" by David Levy

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David Levy signs his book personalized for you!

David Levy's "Star Trails" column has appeared monthly in Sky & Telescope since January 1988. Initially conceived as "On the Road with David Levy," the column evolved over the years but has lately returned to its original goal: a personal, David Levy-style introduction to the hobby of astronomy.

This book is not purely a best-of compilation, though it does include Levy's favorite columns. Instead, the articles chosen reveal how amateur astronomy and the people who practice it have changed over the years.

Star Trails - the columns and the book - divide naturally into five parts: Ideas, People, Places, Things, and Objects and Events. From visits to an astronomy club in a federal prison and Birr Castle in Ireland, to accidents involving observers and telescopes, the marriage of art and astronomy, eclipse journeys, the concept of Earth striking back at a comet, and a discussion about the status of Pluto; Star Trails is a look into the minds and hearts of the people who have made a difference in how we study and enjoy the sky. It's also an exploration of the personal experiences that have shaped the course of David Levy's nights under the stars.