"Haleakala Crater at Dawn" - by Wally Pacholka

"Haleakala Crater at Dawn" - by Wally Pacholka

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Morning light and the Milky Way rise over the rim of the Haleakala Crater; a massive shield volcano that forms more than 75% of the Hawaiian Island of Maui. Notable in the middle of the image is the Milky Way central bulge and the constellation Scorpius together with the red bright star Antares at the Scorpion's heart. At the image right side the two bright stars Alpha and Betta in Centaurus are recognizable (Alpha Centauri is the closest notable star to our sun). To their right is the small but prominent southern constellation Crux or the Southern Cross, rising few degrees above the horizon of this low northern latitude location. Taken January 2010.

This wonderful print is printed on the highest archival quality paper with vivid color and exceptional detail. Dimensions: 12''X18''.

For more of Wally’s work, visit his gallery www.astropics.com.

Wally Pacholka specializes in landscape astrophotography of America`s National Parks and great natural landmarks. His celestial photography earned him TIME Magazine`s "Picture of Year" honors for his image of Comet Hale-Bopp in 1997. When Mars made it`s closest approach to Earth in history in 2003, he earned a second TIME Magazine "Picture of Year" award for his photograph of that event. He followed that honor with a LIFE Magazine "Picture of Year" for another Mars photograph that same year. LIFE Magazine`s 2007 issue of "America the Beautiful" includes one of Pacholka`s signature images. Over the years his scenic astro-landscape images have graced the pages of many other international publications including National Geographic, Newsweek, Encyclopaedia Britannia.