Orbitrack App - Limited Time Only

Where is the ISS?

Track manmade satellites in the night sky with the Orbitrack app. Made for both Android and iOS devices, Orbitrack will allow you to know what satellites are in the sky tonight. Click here to find out more details about this great app. Now available for Mac!

Orbitrack's features the SpaceX' Starlink satellite constellation along with OneWeb, Planet, and Spire satellite constellations too.

Made by the developer of Sky Safari, Southern Stars has created this beautiful and amazing app that generates a map of the night sky that places the current satellites in relationship to the horizon and to the constellations in the sky.

For one week ONLY from December 1 - 8 - Southern Stars will be donating 50% of the proceeds to Astronomers Without Borders!

Great gift for the holidays - using your iPhone, click on the link below to the App Store, tap on options and choose Gift!

Explore the night sky and help international astronomy outreach with one purchase.