OneSky FAQ

Q: What is the Allen bolt that comes with the OneSky in a small plastic bag?
A: The Allen bolt is an add-on that we requested so it's not included in the instruction manual. It threads into a hole in the rail that the telescope tube slides on and acts as a stop to keep the tube from sliding down too far when you stow it in the most compact configuration. Without it it's possible to slide the tube down to the point it impacts the base below it, which can leave dents in the base from the primary mirror collimation screws. 

Q: The focuser has some slop in it that lets the eyepiece wobble just a little bit. Is there a remedy? 
A: Teflon plumbing tape can be used on the threads to take up the slop in the threads. If it's used a lot, though, Teflon tape can wear out. Another option is wax. Just rubbing a lip balm stick on the threads will do the job. Grease can also be used but be careful not to let it get onto anything else. If cold weather is an issue in your area be sure to use a grease that doesn't stiffen up too much in the cold. 

Q: What tripod should I buy for my OneSky?
A: The OneSky has an integrated mount that's meant to sit on a table or some other support. The telescope can't be mounted on a tripod with the mount, but a tripod isn't necessary, either. You do need to have something to set it on, though. The telescope tube can be removed and placed on a different telescope but not just a tripod alone. Getting a suitable mount for doing this would be expensive and you'd have a larger package to deal with. This isn't recommended unless you're doing something requiring tracking, such as astrophotography. Some people make a stool of sorts to set the OneSky on rather than using a table. There is nothing commercially available but there are plans for making one yourself at There is a great deal of information of all kinds in a long-running discussion of the OneSky and its use on the astronomy forum Cloudy Nights. You can ask questions there as well. See 

Q: My red dot finder won't align properly. It runs out of room for adjustment before it's brought into alignment with the OneSky main tube.
A: This is sometimes caused by the finder not being centered in its mount. Can you try taking the finder out and remounting it, making sure that it's centered in the range of adjustment? Or try just loosening the finder in its mount and moving it, paying attenion to having it approximately centered in the mount when it is retightened. If that doesn't work then try holding it so it is pointing in the direction more adjustment is needed and tighten it there. If this doesn't work please contact us at so we can take care of the problem for you.