Program Goals

  • Present works combining art, science, and culture in presenting astronomy
  • Provide different perspectives on the intersection of art and science
  • Present astronomy as the source of inspiration in art and culture
  • Provide a residency program for artists to make use of AWB's community and resources in creating unique works of art

Latest News

Jul 31

Hidden Wonders

by Harley White

A spiral veiled by Milky Way has been brought to light of day in the image Hubble revealed of a galaxy concealed. Its brilliant core aquamarine brightly glitters midst the... Read More..

Jul 17



Razor sharp, blinding light beaming through daylight bright. Foreheads drip with salty sweat all awaiting a breeze, sunset. Heatwave summer, full ablaze dreaming of chilly autumn days. Read More..

Jul 17

Stellar Cradle

by Harley White

Rock-a-bye starlets where the Swan flies. Like earthly Sun, your day will arise. Bright shall you reign, before your light dies. So shine in your cradle high in the skies.... Read More..

Jun 28


By Eido Boru, Brisbane, Australia

Vulcan, a tiny red dot Some say it is Some say it is not Intra-Mercurial Or perhaps a sunspot Newton's gravitation Says it doesn't exist Einstein's equation Agrees – not... Read More..

Jun 28

Tale of a Troubled Galaxy

by Harley White

Life oftentimes can be fast and furious, as dramatized in this cosmic sight which piqued the wonder of gazers curious, seeking to grasp the star system's plight. Albeit as jellyfish... Read More..

Jun 16

2017 AstroPoetry Winners - Adult Category

Congratulations Entrants

First Place Sushil Dawka, Curepipe, Mauritius On looking up: I lay upon my back last night and looked up at the stars, And listened to the seconds, whisper by for... Read More..